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A+ Dental Pediatric Specialists are a team of professional dentists who focus on the dental needs of children and infants. Early dental care is essential to your child’s long-term health, which is why we focus on issues related to pediatric oral hygiene, bite, and tooth alignment.


A+ Dental Pediatric Specialists is committed to making each child’s first experience of the dentist a positive one. Developing excellent oral health practices from an early age is essential for preventing dental issues later on in life. Children who go to the dentist from a young age not only experience less distress but also spend less on dental treatments when they get older.


We strongly believe in the importance of dental education, both for parents, children, and our dental practitioners. When it comes to the field of dentistry, there’s always something new to learn, explore, and apply in our practice. Excellent dental health for your child puts them at an advantage, eliminates pain, ensures that they have a good bite, and detects decay early, resolving the problem before it can become more serious.


At A+ Dental Pediatric Specialists, our goal is to make children smile while at the same time, providing an exceptional standard of patient care.

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About Houston, TX

Houston is the largest city in Texas, close to the border with Mexico. The city first shot to global renown during the Apollo era when NASA decided to locate its central command in the city. Since then, the city has thrived mainly because of oil wealth generated in the Gulf of Mexico.

The largest academic institution in the city is the University of Houston. The school requires students to achieve a grade point average of 3.2.

Houston is home to more than 2.3 million people. It is the fourth most populous city in the United States and the sixth most populous in North America. The city has the fourth highest skyline in the US, thanks to population pressure and the demand for space in the city’s relatively small downtown area. The city’s skyline falls short of the average height in New York, Chicago, and Miami.

Houston is a great place to go for a trip and to live, thanks to the stunning range of amenities on offer, both civic and historical. The Space Center NASA used to send astronauts to the moon is open to the public. You can find out how the space organization coordinated the most epic journey of exploration in human history, and the dangers that those early pioneers faced with limited 1960s technology.

Houston is also home to the Houston Museum of Natural Science where you can wander around the butterfly house and visit the dinosaur hall to see dino skeletons reconstructed from fossils.

Being so far south, Houston experiences two seasons: wet and dry. During the summer months, mercury can easily exceed 100 F with over 90 percent humidity. The city, however, has mild winters, with temperatures averaging a balmy 13 degrees. Rainfall in the region is low, and snow exceptionally rare.