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Unique, individualized dental plans begin with comprehensive oral exams.

Because no two children are exactly alike

Besides focusing on educating kids and their parents about the proper way to brush and floss, a comprehensive oral exam will reveal the specific dental needs of the patient and if any treatment is necessary.

What Happens During A Comprehensive Oral Exam?

Comprehensive oral exams consist of a combination of the following procedures to make sure that all aspects of the child’s oral health is addressed and an effective treatment strategy is formulated from the results.

Physical Oral Examination

Can help determine if any cavities are present

Visual Checkup

Can help determine if any cavities are present

Digital X-Rays

Taken to determine the extent of any decay and to see if it has spread to the underlying structures

Patient Education

Information on findings and any treatments needed. The child will also be taught how to take care of his or her own teeth so that they can maintain a beautiful smile.

The Best Treatment is Prevention

A+ Dental provides preventative treatments during each comprehensive oral exam.

We offer a wide variety of preventative treatments to keep your child from needing any fillings in the future. These include a thorough dental cleaning, the use of dental sealants, fluoride treatment, space-maintainers for missing teeth, or preventive resin restoration (PRR) for minor decay.

What happens if my child needs treatment after the oral exam?


If your child has cavities that require treatment, Dr. Ryan will determine the most effective way to put the child at ease. For younger children with many treatment needs and limited cooperation, putting the child to sleep completely may be the best option. Alternatively, oral sedation can be used to make the child calm, but leave them awake during treatment. The best course of action for your child can be determined during the comprehensive oral exam.


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