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Requiring 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays

Digital x-rays are the safer, spot-on alternative for your precious ones

X-rays are an important tool to complete a thorough examination. This allows the dentist to reliably diagnose cavities in between the teeth and see how deep cavities go. By providing digital x-rays, we offer our patients all the benefits of traditional x-rays, but without the high amount of radiation that is usually associated with it.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital X-Rays?

Our pediatric dentists pride themselves in using the latest technology to diagnose cavities. In the past, with the use of traditional x-rays tooth decay and periodontal bone loss was harder to detect. In comparison, today’s digital x-rays are so sensitive that they can reveal these conditions, allowing the dentist to assess and diagnose them.

Because the x-rays are digital, they can be viewed much clearer in larger formats and can be accessed easily, decreasing the waiting time. The best part of digital x-rays is not only that they give the dentist a great amount of insight into a patient’s oral structure, in high-resolution, but that they do not expose children to high levels of radiation in the process. With digital x-rays, there is a 90% decrease in radiation compared to their original counterparts.

What if my child may not be willing to cooperate to have X-Rays taken?

Don't worry. It happens.

Sometimes the dental exam can be done using only visual observation for younger patients or special needs children. If the doctor feels that treatment is necessary, further x-rays can be taken at that time, when the child is sedated.


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