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Kids will be kids, they say.

And it's important to know where you'll take them for any type of emergency - especially a dental one.

Children often experience the need to see a dental professional right away. Our office is always open for walk-in dental emergencies. However, until you see the dentist, here are some practical suggestions.

My Child Has a Chipped Tooth

In case a tooth chips or breaks:

  1. Try to save the pieces and then rinse the child’s mouth with warm, salt water.
  2. Use gauze or a clean washcloth to apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding.
  3. As soon as the bleeding stops, apply a cold compress and bring your child to the dentist immediately.

The pieces of the broken tooth may or may not be reattached by your dentist, but it is good to bring them in any case. Often a chipped tooth can be repaired right away using a filling material. Occasionally, the chip is so severe that a root canal must be performed before the tooth is restored. This can be determined after the exam and x-ray that is done by the dentist during the emergency visit.

Dislodged Tooth Due To Trauma

If your child’s teeth get dislodged because of trauma, apply a cold compress on the affected area to reduce swelling and bring the child to your dentist immediately. Successful reattachment usually happens within the first hour that the tooth is knocked out. Keep the tooth moist and safe on your way to the dentist by putting it in a cup of milk, or better yet Save-A-Tooth solution.

Besides The Teeth, What Should You Do With Trauma To Oral Structure?

Soft oral tissues like the gums, cheeks, the tongue, and the lips, can also acquire injury and require emergency trauma care. When this happens, stop the bleeding by applying gentle pressure and put ice over the affected area to reduce swelling. If the bleeding does not stop in 15 minutes, head to the emergency room for professional care.


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