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At A+ Dental, we believe that oral health must be part of a child’s daily routine.


A non-invasive procedure that protects your child's teeth from food impaction and decay with a special coating of white colored resin.

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At A+ Dental we understand that keeping your child cavity free can be difficult. To help achieve this goal it is important to teach children how to brush and floss their teeth correctly from an early age.

Parents must also be shown how to help their children, not just with the brushing, but also by providing healthy foods that are less likely to cause dental decay. In addition, it is recommended that your child gets a cleaning at least twice a year to ensure that food deposits and plaque buildup are removed efficiently.

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Our pediatric dental specialists make sure that dental hygiene is fun and easy for children to learn to do on their own. Besides focusing on educating kids and their parents about the proper way to brush and floss, a comprehensive oral exam will reveal the specific dental needs of the patient and if any treatment is necessary.

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